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Ashley Woodruff is a recording artist who has established herself in the pop and adult contemporary genres, based out of Sudbury, Ontario. Her passion for music and songwriting began at an early age, with her natural vocal abilities leading her to pursue singing and honing her craft by taking vocal lessons and receiving classical training.


As she grew up, Ashley's love for music only intensified, and she found herself constantly seeking new opportunities to perform and showcase her talents. During her teenage years, she attended Sudbury Secondary School as a vocal music major and participated in the Kiwanis Music Festival while uploading her song covers online. The positive feedback she received gave her the encouragement she needed to eventually start writing and releasing her original music.


After high school, Ashley continued to gain valuable experience by performing in Sudbury (and later across Ontario). In November 2017, she released her self-titled debut album. Melissa Wiseman from Canadian Beats gave the album high praise, stating that it was worth listening to and expressing excitement for what Ashley has planned for the future.


In December 2018, Ashley released a Christmas EP titled "A Gift For You," which made it to the list of holiday releases recognized by Canadian Beats. Throughout 2019, she released three singles, with her "Clarity" review from Buzz Music describing her as the "complete package as a solo artist."

Ashley's newest releases include her 2020 album, "Distanced," which showcases her continued growth as a songwriter and musician. Also included are her singles, "Sweet Like Candy,"  and her 2023 live off the floor single, "Free". With her passion and dedication to her craft, Ashley Woodruff is sure to continue captivating audiences with her music for years to come.

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